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Skillful Faller

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Welcome to Wisdom Wednesday! Dr. D-Nice here, solar powered and NR-gized by the


Story: Dr. D-Nice falls on her butt in front of everybody!

Moral: It's okay to fall sometimes because we're all going to fall. Hop up and keep it moving!

Wisdom: Wisdom understands that your pride and sheer embarrassment will make you want to just lay there and die. Don't stay down! It will make it harder to get back up!

Stewpidness: Giving into embarrassment. - "Just bury me here with my pride and my embarrassment. It's more than I can handle."

There you have it! Wisdom. Stewpidness.

Choose Wisdom!

Was there ever a time when you fell down in front of a crowd? How did you handle it?

Let me know in the comment section below!

Show me your brightest! Show me your best! Show me the latest guru!

God's wisdom lets theirs look like stewpidness.

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