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Why Wisdomteethinger?



During your teens and early twenties, the area in

your brain in charge of wisdom is developing


At the same time the, sometimes annoying,

teeth in the back of your mouth are developing.

That is why they are called wisdom teeth



While those teeth and wisdom are developing, you are wisdomteething. Wisdomteething is a verb. Let's make it a noun... Wisdomteethinger.

If you're a teen or in your early twenties

you're a Wisdomteethinger.



You want what's best for your wisdomteethinger? Learn how FOUNT can help them with depression and anxiety, weight loss and just overall becoming their best.

Adults for Wisdomteethingers


Help your wisdomteethinger athletes perform better, increase endurance

and recover faster.

FOUNT is key.

Youth Pastors and Teachers

You are key to wisdomteethingers complete development. Help them improve both body and mind

College Group

We can help you set up a group in your college or university. How cool would it be to discuss wellness and wisdom with fellow wisdomteethingers.

Start your own wisdomteethinger group

High School

This is a no brainer. Start a wisdomteethinger group, make new friends. You all can get your mind right and body tight...together


Start your own group of wisdomteethingers in your living room, local smoothie shop...whereever

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