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 Dr. D-Nice Beaugelin Speaks

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Speech topics for wisdomteethingers:



no more fear and anxiety, how to be brave

Easy is Bad

athletes your game will be on fire
after this presentation


Depression: Put your "I" out

lifestyle changes to help or even
cure depression 



a fun overview of the 5 keys

Adults for Wisdomteethingers

helping coaches, teachers,
parents, youth pastors etc share
wellness with their youth

Dr. D-Nice Beaugelin, real name Denise Hunter, MD, is an Adolescent Wellness Specialist. She has been a medical doctor for over 20 years. She is board certified in Internal Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine and has completed hours of training towards board certification in Functional Medicine. She’s also been a youth leader for over 30 years and a trained youth motivational speaker. Her training in improv and storytelling helps her presentations to be delightfully engaging. 

Dr. D-Nice is an executive producer for her new TV show, Wisdomteethinger. She also currently serves on the Wake County Public School Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC). Most recently, Dr.D-Nice became a member of the OSG group which is a community of skilled professionals who advocates and uplifts today's youth. In addition Dr. D-Nice has been featured on CBS News and a host of other national television, radio, and media streams; including a featured interview with Dame Dash (Entrepreneur, Record Executive, Film Producer, & Co-Founder of the former Roc-A-Fella Records). 


Losing it

Dr. D-Nice’s own wellness journey began as a 16-year-old high school senior, yes she graduated from high school at 16.  After exercising regularly at Spa Lady, quitting her daily Snicker bar habit, and cutting her portions sizes in half she lost over 40 pounds! Dr. D-Nice became a vegan/vegetarian (with the occasional Turkey meal at Thanksgiving) at age 18 and quit drinking all liquids but water at age 20. She maintained a healthy weight over the years by racewalking and dabbling in just about any activity that includes movement. Medical Residency and having 3 children back to back threw her weight, exercise and diet off quite a bit. Now she is getting back on track. It has been during this getting back on track process that Dr. D-Nice realized she has a great message of wellness to share.

Depression: Put Your “I” Out

Knowing that health isn’t simply about how your body looks, Dr. D-Nice incorporates, how you feel, Mental Health into her programs. Having suffered from depression as teen, and secretly suicidal during this time, she has determined to expose the power of the mind to heal. She wants to educate on the power of resilience no matter what awful situation you have experienced or heavy guilt you carry. She is passionate about helping young people realize their purpose and walk into it with healthy bodies and minds, wellness and wisdom!

Easy is Bad

Her passion for Wellness and Wisdom has led her to develop a program called FOUNT: 5 keys to basic wellness and wisdom and the founding of Wisdomteethinger.  If you’re a teen or in your early twenties you’re a Wisdometeethinger. She started, her organization, Wisdomteethinger in 2011, after noticing the alarming amount of adult illnesses that were occurring in the youth. Diseases like diabetes, heart disease, obesity, depression and anxiety snatch the life and vigor from our youth. Wisdomteethinger commits itself to keeping teens and twenties forever well and wise. Monday through Friday you can get wisdom and wellness tips from Dr. D-Nice on Instagram: Wisdomteethinger


Dr. D-Nice credits her faith in God for developing Wisdomteethinger and FOUNT. She understands that not everyone shares her same belief system. Her presentations are kept faith neutral and free of religious references unless otherwise requested by her host. There is one exception, her Youtube: Wisdomteethinger  “Wisdom Wednesday” videos. She ends each video with her paraphrasing, from the Bible,

1 Corinthians 1:20. “Show me your brightest. Show me your best. Show me the latest guru. Gods wisdom lets theirs look like stupidness.”


 Dr. D-Nice was born in Jamaica, and married to a Haitian man she met in Denver Colorado. A Haitian and a Jamaican meet in Denver Colorado!? What are the odds? Well, the odds are in their favor because they’ve been married for 15 years and have 3 very well behaved (ha!) boys!

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Fear Not

Best for: Middle School, High School, Churches or Youth organizations 

This is Dr. D-Nice's signature presentation where she talks about dealing with fear, anxiety and worry. It is an entertaining, educational and interactive performance that will hold the attention from beginning to end. At the end, you will  have the skills needed to walk through life fearlessly. You will have the tools to be more brave and ready for whatever life throws your way. Grades will improve, even attitudes, as you get your mind right and your body tight.

Easy is Bad

Best for: Wisdomteethinger Athletes

In this presentation, Dr. D-Nice unlocks how you as a young athlete can improve performance, decrease recovery time and increase endurance. Sharing specific FOUNT keys to help you become the best  athlete you can be.

As a separate, service you can work one-on-one with Dr. D-Nice to develop a Personal Peak Performance Plan specific for your needs as a young athlete.

Depression put your "I" out

Best for:  College Wisdomteethingers, Adults for Wisdomteethingers

In this presentation, Dr.D-Nice deeply shares about her experience with depression. She leaves the audience with tools on how to use FOUNT to manage depression. These same tools can be used to help your friends and family that may be dealing with depression. Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death for youth. This presentation gives solutions on how you can stop depression or at least manage it.


Best for: Elementary School, Middle School, High School

This is special  presentation done by Dr. D-Nice's 10year old son, Kirze, and/or Dr. D-Nice where they talk about using the 5 keys of FOUNT to unlock your best. Showing what #livinginfount looks like. It is a entertaining, educational and interactive performance. At the end, you will  have the skills needed to live your best life. You will have the tools to be more resilient and ready for whatever life throws your way. Grades will improve, even attitudes, as you get your mind right and your body tight.

"Dr. D-Nice kept the language very easy and simple to help us remember facts about our bodies"

"Dr. D-Nice, I hit a wall in practice and that breathing technique you taught us got me through it"

"Showing  my players the importance of eating as close to the tree as possible was my favorite part"

"Enjoyed your energy and it  grabbed my attention"

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