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Body Hacking

Hacking your body system to get to Health Gain and your ideal Body size


Hacking your mind to not be so obsessed with food. Your body feels as if food is in short supply when you think about food all the time. When you eat in this scarcity mind set you will always over-eat and your body will store more fat.


Hacking your mouth to eat the right amount for what you need. Your mouth will for sure over eat if you are not aware of  the time and the amount you eat. Who would think that the time you eat is a factor in getting to your ideal weight...but it is.


Hacking your move to feel your best. Movement has more benefits than we can even imagine. There are so many different ways to move your body. There are also movements that can specifically raise your metabolism and help you on your ideal weight journey.


Hacking your rest to make sure your body is ready to work. Resting is an often ignored part of getting to your ideal weight. When you haven't rested well you will eat more and not have the energy to exercise

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About Body Hacking

Body Hacking is a new technique developed by Dr. D-Nice just for teens trying to lose weight. Learn how to hack your mind, mouth, moves and rest.  Teens will learn how to have their body's anatomy and physiology (don't be scared there are no mid-terms or finals involved) work with them in their journey to their ideal body size. Body discipline, body respect, body awareness are keys teens will learn. Being overweight will no longer be an issue.

Here's an example of a body hack. Most of us eat way too fast and keep eating until we feel full. It takes 20minutes for the message to get to your brain that you are full. Set a timer for 25minutes and make sure to not finish your meal before the alarm goes off.

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Benefit of Body Hacking

Body Hacking is not a diet. With this technique you will not have to worry about getting trapped in the diet and deprivation cycle. You wont have to worry about yo-yo dieting or weight cycling. You wont have to worry about losing and regaining the same 20 pounds year after year. The focus is on health and working with your body. Teens will be healthier and have life long techniques that will work to get to and stay at a body size that is perfect for them.

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Obesity and Body Hacking

Obesity steals your youth. Let's be honest, no amount of body positivity will fix how obesity makes you feel. Teens want to fit in with the group, you want to be accepted. For some Obesity is a deliberate disability. Food is used for entertainment, socialization, comfort but rarely nutrition. Its Ok to be a masterpiece and a work in progress. Body Hacking helps teens with the work in progress part. You will no longer feel left out of teen experiences. Every over weight teen understands this "left out" feeling.

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Register for Body Hacking

Teens only! Live online class 6:30 pm EST.  6 parts led by a medical doctor for $399 plus paypal fee. Next class starts March 10th! 

May 5: Class 1: Introduction to Body Hacking. Your Mind and Your Mouth Intro, 2 week Gut Reset                              intro

May 6: Class 2:  Your Move and Your Rest Intro. 2 week Gut Reset intro continues

May 12:  Class 3: Your Mind expanded. 4 for 4-ever change step 1, 2 week Gut Reset begins

May 19: Class 4:  Your Mouth expanded. 4 for 4-ever change step 2,

May 26: Class 5:  Your Move expanded. 4 for 4-ever change step 3

June 2: Class 6:  Your Rest expanded. Pep talk to go forth and conquer. 

                            4 for 4-ever change step 4  


Instructor for Body Hacking 

I, Dr. D-Nice was an overweight obese teen. I understand the secret struggle to be like other teens, that happens with obesity. No matter how wonderful your personality, how smart you are or how  pretty or handsome your face is, you are judged by your body. It's a teenage thing that will not change anytime soon. Honestly, I deliberately disabled myself, I ate way too much and never exercised. At age 16, I lost almost 50 pounds and kept it off till I was 35 years old and had my first child. I have included all of the techniques I used then, and updated it with information from medical school and my training in lifestyle and functional medicine.

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Video corrections: introductory price period has passed course is now $399

Duration is now 6 classes over 5 weeks

Wake County Public School students email using your wcpss email for your discount

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