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Keeping Teens and Twenties forever Well and Wise
Wellness and Wisdom using the Arts and FOUNT
We Get U. We're your 1

Meet Dr. D-Nice


Denise Hunter, MD, also known by her rapper name Dr. D-Nice Beaugelin (just kidding, but really), has been a medical doctor for over 18yrs and a youth leader for over 30 years.  She is a Adolescent Wellness Specialist. She is the founder of  Wisdomteethinger and creator of FOUNT.

Who is a wisdomteethinger?


If you're in your teens or early twenties then you're a wisdomteethinger. Both your wisdom teeth and wisdom are growing rapidly at this time of your life.

What is FOUNT?


FOUNT is the 5 Keys to wisdom and wellness to help you unlock your best. Get your mind right and your body tight. You wanna know more don't you?

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Wisdomteethinger is proud to have imparted Wisdom and Wellness to the following organizations:

        Triad Adult Pediatric Medicine       
    The Raleigh Firebirds

Garner Road Basketball Club
Piedmont Community College
Bartlett Yancey Highschool
East New York Middle School of Excellence 
The Hotchkiss School
Adventist Christian Academy of Raleigh 
Newark School of Fashion & Design

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