Wisdomteethinger Classes

Weight Loss 

4 Fridays  total

5:30 pm

May 10

May 17

May 24

May 31

Learn how to get to a healthy weight that is just right for you, and how to keep it off for good. This 4-part class is taught by Dr. D-Nice Beaugelin, a medical doctor, board certified in Internal Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine. In this class, Dr. D-Nice will unpack how to manage stress, exercise, sleep and diet to get your body to its best. She will also spend time talking about the psychology of change and how to make these changes stick. She uses her engaging, energetic presence to motivate youth to really understand and honor their body before they get trapped on the yo-yo dieting train that so many adults get stuck on.

Class includes a Two week Gut reset. Learn now to get your gut bacteria on your side.

FREE!! Juice keys Smoothie at each class. Folder to take notes and summary of each class will be provided. Swag bag on the last day of class…and so much more!

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Peak Performance Athlete


5:00 pm

July 12

In this workshop medical doctor, Dr. D-Nice Beaugelin, will teach you the techniques she uses with professional basketball team Raleigh Firebirds., where she serves as their Wellness Specialist. She will break down complicated physiology related to diet, stress, sleep, breathing, exercise, recovery, hydration. You will leave with specific steps to add to your training that will improve your performance, increase your endurance and decrease recovery time. This workshop is only for motivated athletes, athletes that understand the difference between "ok" and "great" is measured in millimeters.

free Juice Keys Smoothie for each attendee



5:30 pm

June 28

Learn how to manage your depression with just a few tweaks to your lifestyle. Dr. D-Nice will go in-depth to define what depression is how diet and exercise affects it.

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